Announcement: Winners of the Treasures of the Coral Triangle Minigraphics Contest


CTI-Southeast Asia (CTI-SEA) extends their congratulations to the winners of the minigraphics online quiz contest!

  • Grand prize winner: Romina Lim
  • Runner-up winners: Glenn Villaret, Jan Audrey Kendrew Cavan

The online quiz contest was conducted through CTI-SEA’s Facebook page and was done to celebrate the launch of the new educational minigraphics series. The first series featured 5 animals that are one of the unique Treasures of the Coral Triangle. The animals included were the whale shark, manta ray, hammerhead shark, leatherback turtle, and the irrawaddy dolphin.

A wide variety of answers were submitted via Facebook comments for each quiz. The open comment section allowed for readers to learn from each other’s answers making the comment section another opportunity to learn in addition to the article.

CTI-SEA’s new minigraphic series aims to make learning fun and accessible by creating easy to understand graphics and information alongside a short article that highlights basic information about the selected topic. Information about the threatened species module includes biological information, distribution, their importance, and which laws protect them within the Coral Triangle region.



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