Know the Characters of the Tales from the Coral Triangle

The characters of Tales from the Coral Triangle are young, brave, and united in their love for nature. Get to know the featured animals and the protagonists and follow their adventures.

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Tuking, the Mischievous Whale Shark

Tuking is a playful whale shark living in the kingdom of Tubbattaha. He thinks his birthplace is “like any other kingdom in the world” until he found a severely devastated reef.






Mangrove Friend

Bakaw is a wise old mangrove tree who loves his animal friends living in the mangrove forest. Every day he feels worse because of the garbage being dumped around his roots.  He battles the strongest typhoon in history as his friends look for a new home.






The Changes in Elma’s Family

Elma is a daughter of a fishing family in Balabac Island in Palawan, Philippines. One day her father comes home with a lot of catch and some curious contraptions. She soon discovers what her father’s new fishing technique is and its dangerous ramifications.






The Haydara

Ramil is a city boy who visits his father’s coastal hometown. He befriends Ligaya a strange girl from a community of nature-spirits called Haydara. Ramil finds himself choosing between a daring journey and being stuck in the spirit world.






Leo’s Incredible Experience

Leo is a young man torn between business and protecting sea turtles. Because of his soft heart, two nymphs take interest in him while many fishers in their town mysteriously get lost in the sea.






Kyle’s Smile

Kyle is a child with wit and courage way beyond his youth. One day, he picks a fight with a man harvesting sand on his favorite beach. His best friend watches from afar, very afraid.







Pilang Pilandok and Ping

Pilang is a feisty mousedeer who calls himself “guardian of the forest.” One fine night, a boy, lost in the woods, asks him for directions.  Hesitant yet nosy, Pilang befriends the young human, who is a hunter’s son.






Dagayday Island

Julia is a curious explorer. Disturbed by recurring dreams, she decides to visit Dagaygay Island, her grandfather’s birthplace. She meets Rina and they talk about the former glory of the island which now reeks of pollution.






Christine’s Dreams

Christine is one of the school’s brightest student leaders. She keeps her father’s risky secret and finds a way to save threatened animals despite family conflicts.







Ende Finally Learns

Ende lives a carefree life by the sea. A huge accident becomes her turning point and she soon discovers nature’s healing.


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