Announcement: Winners of the #CoralTriangleTales Reading Challenge

Coral Triangle Initiative – Southeast Asia (CTI-SEA) is happy to announce the five lucky winners who have gone all out to clinch the grand prizes!

  • Grand prize winners: Glenn Bon Cavan and Seiji Catingcoy
  • Runner-up winners: Jovy Delos Reyes, Dominic Galit, and Gerald Hatad

The #coraltriangletales Reading Challenge ran from October 10 up to October 24 through CTI-SEA’s Facebook page. It was held following the launch of our storybook, Tales from the Coral Triangle last September 30. The first part of the contest consisted of straightforward, cognitive questions that gauged the challenger’s ability to recall certain characters and settings mentioned in the book. The second part of the reading challenge was more integrative and practical as participants had to ponder and think hard about issues raised in the stories. Additional insights and links to various articles were given by the administrators to direct the participants to other useful knowledge resources.

The Tales from the Coral Triangle consist of 10 unique stories penned by young girls hailing from various parts of Palawan. The stories tackle various issues relating to our coastal and marine resources, ranging from illegal fishing to mangrove deforestation to overexploitation. It is hoped that through this book and the game we prepared for you, we would be able to send across the message of uniting everyone, young and old alike, towards a shared vision: protecting our dear coral triangle for generations to come, so that our children and grandchildren will bear witness to its magnificence and richness. We do hope that besides the awesome incentives in place, you were able to take into heart all the values and messages that the stories have beautifully told, and that you join us in being stewards and protectors of our coral triangle.


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