Announcement: Winners of the Climate Whiz Quiz Contest

After several rounds of fierce competition, we have now picked, through a manual raffle, the six lucky winners who have clinched their way to the top! These lucky six have tirelessly answered the #ClimateWhiz challenges and have exemplified what it really means to be a #ClimateWhiz. This earns them our awesome Coral Triangle goodies!

  • Grand prize winners: Kent Cadalin, Kent Rebultan, and Jehan Kayle Birin
    Runner-up winners: Mark Lunjas, Fillmoore Gadon, and Caryl Quiachon

The #ClimateWhiz Quiz Contest officially  commenced on January 14 and ended in January 23. Climate Whiz is an online awareness campaign of CTI-Southeast Asia, a project funded by the Asian Development Bank and Global Environment Fund, on climate change and green practices that ordinary people can follow to adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change. The contest consisted of 5 short questions all in all. These questions tackled key issues and solutions related to climate change such as climate-smart rice, coral bleaching, solid waste, mangroves, and meat. These questions were accompanied with videographics that discuss key facts and figures.

Through the campaign, we wanted to show how the everyday things you do and love (like meat) can lead to increases in greenhouse gas emissions. We want to send across that this is an alarming issue, and we need to do something about it now through ways both big and small.  After all, climate change affects us in so many ways: our economy, health, livelihood, our marine and terrestrial creatures, and even our food supply. But through climate-smart rice and planting of more mangroves,  for instance, we can actually achieve a climate-resilient future. We can all make a huge step towards climate resiliency. It starts with your lifestyle, from the food you eat to your transportation and disposal habits. As told by our Climate Change Specialist, Dr. Rosa Perez, our lifestyle, and not our country, defines our carbon footprints. So if you can just find it in yourself to eat less meat, reuse old goods, or even help in planting more trees in your community, then you’re already making ripples of change!


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