About CTI-Southeast Asia

Welcome to the blog of the Coastal and Marine Resources Management in the Coral Triangle-Southeast Asia (CTI-SEA)!

boy from Taytay Palawan shows the day's catch
CTI-SEA is working with community and government partners from Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines to pilot test strategies that would ensure a healthy future for those who depend on the bounty of the Coral Triangle.

CTI-SEA is a regional project funded by the Asian Development Bank and the Global Environment Facility from August 2012 to August 2016. It aims to:

  • Maintain the integrity of the ecosystem of the Sulu-Sulawesi Marine Ecoregion (SSME), increase its productivity, and ensure a healthier, more abundant future for coastal communities;
  • Build the resilience of coral reef ecosystems in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines (CT3) in a period of increased threats arising from human-induced and climate change impacts; and
  • Enable the CT3 governments to implement priority activities under their National Plan of Action (NPOA).

Through this blog, our project aims to share stories of how our work is helping improve the protection and management of coral reefs, fisheries, and other coastal and marine resources in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

We want to help raise the awareness of readers about the results and impacts of the strategies we have tested in climate change adaptation, marine protected areas, coastal resource management, knowledge management, and sustainable financing to coastal communities in the three countries.

You can learn more about the CTI-SEA by downloading the project brochure.