Dumanquillas Bay

CTI-SEA, in partnership with the Department of Education (DepEd) Region 9, held the Youth Camp on climate change adaptation and coastal resource management on 12–15 April 2016 in Buug, Zamboanga Sibugay. The activity is part of the Bayani ng Kalikasan (Heroes of the Environment) communication campaign.


The camp brought together 39 student-leaders and their teacher-advisers from six national high schools from Zambonga Sibugay and Zambaonga del  Sur . The participating schools included the following:

  • Kumalarang National High School
  • Lapuyan National High School
  • Kabatan National High School (Vicenzo Sagun)
  • Toribio Minor National High School (Margosatubig)
  • Buug National High School
  • Malangas National High School

At the end of the camp, each school prepared a project proposal on climate change adaptation and coastal resource management that they would carry out for one school year. They received P15,000 seed funding from the project after their proposals were approved by the school principal and partner local government agency.

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List of School Projects

Heroes of the Environment Dance Troupe
Members of the dance troupe performed an environmental song during the ribbon cutting for the opening of their senior high school building  last 14 July 2016. Among the guests were  Congresswoman Aurora Cerilles, Mayor Merlinda Maata, Barangay Captain Jeffrey Maata, Principal Nenita Rivera, District Supervisor Mr. Roger Manginsay. (Photo: Nancy Montebon Fontanil)

Vicenzo Sagun Natural Resource Protection, Preservation, and Rehabilitation Program through the Heroes of the Environment Dance Troupe

  • Location: Vicenzo Sagun, Zamboanga del Sur (5th class municipality)
  • Issue: The lack of knowledge on the importance of natural resources and environmentally harmful upland farming practices are among the problems of the community.
  • Strategy: The school will organise a Junior Bayani ng Kalikasan Dance Troupe as advocates of environmental protection, preservation, and conservation.
    • They will also conduct a massive school-to-school information, education, and communication  campaign.
    • Topics will include importance of mangroves, sea grasses, and corals; relationship between the upland farming system and marine ecosystems; effects of climate change to humans and ecosystems; and benefits of mangrove nursery.
    • Students will organize regular coastal cleanup activities; and plant mangroves (Sonneratia and Rhizophora species) to increase carbon sinks.
  • Proponents: Ms. Alainne Joyce Ivory Aya-ay, Ms. Rojane Dragon, Mr. Genesis Guevarra, Ms. Jessan Jore, Mr. Rodel Remolana, Ms. Divine Grace Sapuras
  • Adviser: Ms. Nancy M. Fontanil, Secondary School Teacher 1


Clean and green Lapuyan NHS
The Team Lapuyan project squad planted 4,000 mangrove seedling last August in an area suggested by Barangay Captain Sulong. (Photo: Aida Sano Catienza)

Kalinisan ng Pook Ko, Ipapanalo Ko! (The Annual Search for Cleanest and Greenest Community Learning Center of Barangay Poblacion)

  • Location: Lapuyan, Zamboanga del Sur (4th class municipality)
  • Issue: Pollution and improper waste disposal is a problem in the biggest and most populated barangay in the municipality.
  • Strategy: The school will hold a contest on the cleanest and greenest Community Learning Centers (purok) in their barangay. Seventeen puroks are joining the event. The schools will also carry out information drives, coastal cleanup, and mangrove reforestation.
  • Proponents: Mr. Bienbert Jhun N. Edeña, Mr. Gerald Jay S. Hatad, Mr. Vincel Amz N. Ismula, Ms. Abbygail M. Mortiz, Mr. Arch Adrian B. Sisona, Ms. Hazel Jane Sulong, and Ms. Joanna Zoe Sulong
  • Adviser: Ms. Aida S. Catienza, Secondary School Teacher 1




  • Location: Kumalarang, Zamboanga del Sur
  • Issue: The Kumal River has served as a dumping site for the residents due to an increase in the number of people living near the area and a lack of awareness on proper waste disposal.
  • Strategy: The school will conduct an information drive on solid waste management as part of the Rivermazing rehabilitation of Kumal River including the “Rivermazing Symposium” on how to prevent pollution in Kumal River. This will include a youth camp on climate change; healthy river clean-up drive; putting up of environmental signages; and imposition of a penalty system
  • Proponents: Mr. Winriel G. Asilum, Mr. Anthony S. Badiang, Ms. Zeza Mae G. Cahilog, Mr. Kylle Anthony P. Kagatan, Ms. Kathryne Kaye Ramos, and Ms. Jiezyl Remonde 
  • Adviser: Ms. Sheryl A. Carbaquil, Secondary School Teacher 1


Students from Buug  proudly show their reforestation site to project staff. (Photo by AJ Lumba) 

School Reforestation

  • Location: Buug, Zamboanga Sibugay (3rd class municipality)
  • Issue: Cutting trees for firewood or lumber without replacing them (even around the campus) is a common practice of Barangay Manlin’s residents. Due to this, the area around Buug National High School has become more susceptible to drought and water scarcity.
  • Strategy: The school will reforest an estimated ½ hectare of trees in the school’s reserved area and raise the community’s level of awareness on the effects of cutting and the benefits of planting.
  • Proponents: Mr. Regie Canoy, Ms. Monica Combate, Ms. Jumaira Lindongan, Mr. Sanito Nunes Jr., Mr. Ardin Ortiz, Ms. Kremar Pineda, Ms. Shelu de los Reyes, Mr. Johnriel Sandayan, Ms. Mymeca Shalyn Sarmiento
  • Adviser: Mr. Raul C. Pasculado, Secondary School Teacher 2


Students smile as School Head Diomedes H. Rosales signs their project proposal last 10 May. The school started building their materials recovery facility on the first week of August.(Photo: Lucky Lagura, Toribians Going Greener)

Confidently Beautiful with a Heart to Care for the Environment

  • Location: Gabay, Margosatubig, Zamboanga del Sur  (3rd class municipality)
  • Issue: As more coastal development projects in the community increases along with the population, the schools foresees that there will be worse pollution. This is caused  by improper waste disposal and a general lack of knowledge on the use of materials recovery facility (MRF) being observed.
  • Strategy: The school will build a MRF with accompanying regulations to properly implement the program as an initiative to address proper waste disposal.
  • Proponents: Ms. Krista Etienne Ang, Ms. Beverly Apduhan, Ms. Jehan Kayle Birin, Mr. Glenn Bon Cavan, Ms. Khristle Kaya Lanutan, and Ms. Nicole Shane Miral
  • Advisers: Ms. Lucky Lagura, Science Teacher 1, Toribio Minor National High School, and Mr. Andres Limatoc, Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator, Municipality of Margosatubig, Zamboanga del Sur


  • Location: Malangas National High School, Malangas, Zamboanga Sibugay
  • Issue: The increasing volume of garbage in the campus has prompted the school community to burn them, which is a harmful practice. The schools canals occasionally become filled with garbage which often leads to degradation of coastal habitats and loss of resources (especially during the rainy season when they are carried towards the shore).
  • Strategy: The school will start a vermicomposting project modeled after the local government unit to produce organic fertilizer that will be used in a demo farm to be operated by the school. The products will be marketed to local businesses.
  • Location: Malangas, Zamboanga Sibugay (3rd class municipality)
  • Proponents: Supreme Student Government (SSG) of Malangas NHS headed by Mr. Nadzmar S. Husnol
  • Adviser: Mr. Warlie U. Almocera