Beacons: Stories from the Coral Triangle-Philippines

Beacons of the coral triangle

“Beacons: Stories from the Coral Triangle–Philippines” is about outstanding partners who have succeeded in overcoming challenges and made a difference in their communities.

Readers will relish the inspiring story of Molbog teacher, Bay Buhangin; the tale of redemption of former mangrove cutter, Gaudiosa Alto, now a woman leader in her village; and the struggles of Rey San Jose, a resourceful farmer who brought his moribund farm back to life by planting climate-resilient rice varieties.

Other features in this compilation of true stories are the pilot payment for ecosystem services (PES) project on coral and giant clam gardening in Taytay Bay, the innovative school-driven environmental projects in Palawan Province and Zamboanga Peninsula, the humor-laden confessions of a lady forester turned protected area superintendent, and the strong collaborative efforts forged in the remote but magical Turtle Islands in Tawi-Tawi.

These are stories of celebration that can guide future plans for sustainable coastal resource management and community resilience, especially in an era of climate change.

  • Molbog Teacher Inspires Teens To Create Organic Farms
  • Mangrove Cutters Then, Sustainable Livelihood Champions Now
  • Growing Corals For Taytay Bay’s Underwater Gardens
  • Palawan Farmer Revives Dying Farmlands
  • Conserving A Fragile Paradise For Marine Turtles
  • Young People Sowing the Seeds of Change in Palawan and Zamboanga
    Perseverance Pays Off For Dumanquillas Bay’s “Accidental” PASu

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