Climate Change Vulnerability and Disaster Risk Assessment Study of Balabac, Palawan

This study recommends appropriate climate change adaptation and risk reduction measure to help address present and potential climate-related problems in the municipality. This includes floods, storm, surges, landslides, and sea level rise. The study covered six villages in Balabac (Agutayan, Bancalaan/Matanggule, Catagupan, Pasig, Rabor, and Salang), which are usually affected by floods.

Balabac VA report

Contents include the following:

  • Physical and Biological Environment and Land Use
  • Development Issues and Challenges
  • Hazard Characterization and Frequency Analysis for Balabac Municipality
  • Hazard Susceptibility Assessment
  • Hazard Exposure Assessment
  • The Proposed CCA/DRRM Plan
  • Climate Change Vulnerability Index Measurement
  • Criteria for Prioritizing CCA and DRRM Programs and Projects

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