Incorporating sustainable financing in the Coral and Taklobo Gardening project

The complete recording of the Coral and Taklobo Gardening (CTG) presentation at the Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA). This was presented on September 29, 2015.

CTI-Southeast Asia (CTI-SEA) Sustainable Finance Specialist, Dr. Lope A. Canalog, presents how the CTG project merges sustainable financing and reef conservation in this 55 minute presentation.

The embedded YouTube video is posted below and we have given the timestamps to specific sections of the presentation underneath the video. Read more the CTG presentation here.


4:33 – Introduction to CTG. Why we picked Taytay, Palawan as our project site for the CTG project.

9:00 – Introduction to Taytay. Threats to the Taytay Bay ecosystem.

10:16 – Identifying the problem. Gathering local socio-economic and environmental data and how to interpret it.

14:17 – Consultation with local stakeholders. Discussions with public and private sectors regarding ecotourism as a sustainable source of income.

16:56 – Training on coral and taklobo gardening. How local residents were trained in how to properly manage and establish a coral and taklobo garden.

25:11 – Designing a sustainable financing system for the CTG. How to ensure that the CTG activity survives in the long term.

29:16 – How the CTG income will benefit the community. How the CTG revenue will be split between the community and the environment

34:38 – Conclusion to presentation and question and answer session.

35:46 – Q&A: Are there plans to make Taytay more accessible to tourists?

40:19 – Q&A: How to account for the increase in solid waste from more ecotourists?

43:38 – Q&A: What happened to the mangroves in Taytay?

48:36 – Q&A: Should we employ more social scientists when working on these projects?